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4.18.15 :: May Rapidly Approaches!

As we all grow older, time inevitably seems to continue to pass by faster and faster. I'm wondering if there will ever come a time where the days, weeks and months finally slow down a bit! With that said, some of you may have noticed a lack of updates here on TR Online and the Serb Fest Facebook page. Yes, I'm guilty of time getting the best of me here in the last few months. While I've typically been known to go apeshit on pre-TR hype, things have been quiet thus far, but beleive me, TR is very much on my mind and the one good thing about time flying, is that Memorial Day will arrive that much faster!! Believe me folks, TR 2015 will surely deliver on the great times we all expect! TR Generation 3 kids are getting older and more self-sufficient. Hell, it was noted last weekend that OLAF's daughter Sarah is really only a couple years from legit babysitting age. That could definitely raise the bar a bit for the aging second generation, many of whom have been forced to shift their focus a bit while at TR as they tend to their young children. It'll all be worth it though, when 10, 15, 20 years from now, we see this great tradition truly carrying onto a new generation! The bonds built at TR are powerful. We all know it. It's what keeps us coming back each year! So with that said, I look forward to sharing old tales and making new memories exactly 5 weeks from now with many of my closest friends. We'll see you at TR 2015!!

2.15.15 :: A Look Ahead to TR2015

Greetings, Turkey Run enthusiasts!! Mid February means one thing..... its time to start the look ahead to the warm air of May and the sizzle of the grills at Turkey Run! While once, the time between February and May felt like somewhat of an eternity, as I grow older with more and more responsibility, these months tend to slip away faster and faster. While I hate for time to pass that quickly sometimes, the bright side is that it does get us to the most anticipated weekend of the year that much faster! Stay tuned here at TR Online, as always, for news, updates and hype as TR 2015 approaches!

12.14.14 :: The TR Family Says Goodbye to a Legend


This December, the TR family lost Hall of Famer, Mila Zelenkovic. Known to most current attendees as 'Mrs. Z', Jovan's mother shared many same qualities and an appreciation for life as our friend Jovan did. Mrs. Z first attended Turkey Run in 1985 with Mr. Z before bringing Jovan the following year in 1986. This was the start of an annual tradition for the Zelenkovich family that of course led to the growth of 'Serb Fest' through a new generation of attendees. She was elected to the TR Hall of Fame in its inaugural year in 2003 and last attended Serb Fest in 2009. As seen in this photo from 2009, TR clearly held a special place in her heart. I know I speak for everyone who knew her and was able to share TR memories with her, that she will be truly missed, but never forgotten.

6.02.14 :: TR 2014 Another Great Success!

Another classic Serb Fest is behind us. An amazing group of people. New faces, young faces and faces from Serb Fests past.... Would could have asked for more out of the weekend? A sincere THANK YOU to all who attended for continuing the Legend that is Turkey Run! Relive the memories HERE.

Congratulations to 2014 Rookie of the Year, Dave Abel! This year, for the first time, the ROY was awarded through a vote amongst the TR High Council. Dave's attitude and energy among other unmentionables locked it up. Congrats are also due to young Ethan Heitzman for securing the 2014 Cevapcici Consuption Award! Your enthusiasm in consuming your very first cevap was unmatched by anyone else all weekend! See past award winners HERE.

5.17.14 :: A Second Audio Release in 2014! TR High Council PICKS + BONUS!


Just can't contain ourselves here at TR Online! So we have yet another Audio release for your listening pleasure! This time we've enlisted the input of the esteemed TR High Council for their top picks - one song each that to them, undeniably represented the Spirit of Turkey Run!

This idea was built off a suggestion from Jovan in 2012 when he recommended a song to be included on a future release. As 2014 came around, I figured, why not have each councilman follow Jovan's lead and select a tune?! It turns out some councilmen really couldn't pick just one... so out of that came the BONUS disc of additional tunes!

Download the tracks HERE, add them to your iTunes playlists and gear up for another high energy drive (or flight) to TR!


5.09.14 :: TR Shopping List Now Available!

The annual shopping list is now available. As usual, we've tried to keep this as simple as possible with a goal of providing a baseline supply of communal food, alcohol and supplies - responsibilities being divided amongst the group. Also, as usual, we're asking new attendees to contribute to the "Serbian Cuisine" fund - a donation of $30 to Nutz. PLEASE HAVE CASH AVAILABLE at TR! Along with the donation, 1 case of beer is requested. Remember, the spirit of Turkey Run is somewhat trashy, so sticking with lower end beers (Old Style, High Life, Stroh's, PBR) is encouraged!

If there are any questions or concerns with fulfilling your assignments, please reach out ASAP so we can reassign items if need be!


5.06.14 :: 2014 Awards - Will You Compete??

Such a special part of Serb Fest each year, is the presentation of our annual awards at the end of the weekend. I look forward to recognizing the Spirit of each of the award winner and adding these individuals to the long list of award winners from years past. Having been formally presenting awards since 2003, we've seeing an impressive group of winners that continues to grow each year! As we know, the covetted Jovan Zelenkovich Memorial Golden Cevapcici Award is the highest honor one can receive - but it is only awarded every other year. All other awards, including Rookie of the Year, Cevapcici Consumption Award, Honorary Vince Kus Intellectual of the Year and Most Improved are all annual awards, but are only awarded if there is deemed a worthy recipient.

With that said, I encourage each and every one of you to consider stacking your "TR Resumes". Seek to win an award you've never won. Or seek to recapture a title you've held in the past. Stacking the deck will only help you when it comes time to determine the next Golden Cevapcici Award Winner!

Browse the AWARDS ARCHIVE and appreciate the many award winners who've made the TR history books. I look forward to seeing who takes home the "hardware" in 2014! Ladies, this includes you all! It's time we open up the field and bring even greater competitive spirit to Serb Fest! Good Luck!

5.02.14 :: Serb Fest Collection - LIVE Released!


The newest audio release from TR Online is now available! Serb Fest Collection- LIVE contains 12 incredible live performances of classic Serb Fest songs sampled from each of the previous 6 audio releases! The idea came to me last year when stumbling across a performance of Gov't Mule's "Tear Me Down", a song featured during the credits of 2003's Fire & Ice Extravaganza documentary. I was inspired by the energy of the live performance and the presence of the crowd and thought how fantastic it would be to assemble live performances of some of the best TR-related tures we've grown to love over the last decade-plus!

Download the tracks HERE, add them to your iTunes playlists and gear up for another high energy drive (or flight) to TR!

MORE on this release.

4.26.14 :: Documentary Update

As we all know, the next documentary has been slated for release on-again-off-again for several years. Knowing realistically this will be the last full-scale video release at least until the 3rd generation is poised to carry the Serb Fest torch, the intent is to truly make this next release as strong as possible; one that captures the essence and spirit of Turkey Run past, present and future. We have phenomenal footage and interviews in our vault and while we initially targeted this May as a release date, Krangis has made the executive decision to postpone release one more year in an effort to capture additional supporting footage at TR 2014 to fulfill his vision! While the wait is a bit painful, the wait will be worth it! Give Krangis, the reigning Golden Cevapcici Award receipient, a vote of encouragement when you see him this year!

In the meantime, we're working on getting the original Fire & Ice documentary online including bonus footage for your viewing pleasure! Stay tuned to TR Online for more information in the coming weeks!



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