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3.22.14 :: TR 2014 - Right Around The Corner!

So, admittedly, a late start this year on TR Online, but alas, the season of TR hype is upon us! While most of us have endured perhaps the worst winter of our lives, going strong into March, the good news is that April is a week away and we're less than 9 short weeks until TR 2014! The warm sun and sizzle of the grill never sounded so good! As usual, I have big plans for TR Online in the coming months and hope that it fuels your excitement for Memorial Day weekend as much as it does mine! Stay tuned!

6.20.13 :: Happy 10th Birthday, TR Online!

It seems like just yesterday that this great idea of a website to honor TR was born, but believe it or not, its been 10 YEARS! TR Online has come a long way from its inception following TR 2003. It was initially put together to simply help a few of us help remember who attended the prior few years. This information was previously tracked on a spreadsheet (along with the still-used TR shopping list). This spreadsheet is mentioned by John in the Fire & Ice Documentary when he has trouble remembering some of the attendees from years past and "whishes he had that spreadsheet!". Today, TR Online serves as hub for perspective attendees, but most importantly, as a look back to the memories that are made year after year at TR! Its an almanac of Serb Fest history and I simply can't wait to see how the site and its content evolves over the next 10 years! Thank you all for visiting!

6.02.13 :: TR 2013 - A Success, Once Again!

TR 2013 may always be most remembered for being our first TR without our old friend Jovan, but we’ll also remember it as a celebration of his memory and affirmation that this great tradition that he was so passionate about will continue to live on in his honor. Thanks to all who attended in 2013 and for living in the great spirit of Serb Fest amongst family and great friends! There’s so much to recognize coming out of the weekend – particularly with regards to a number of Awards handed out this year! Congratulations are in order for Krangis, who took home the honor of being the 5th recipient of the (newly renamed) Jovan Zelenkovich Memorial Golden Cevapcici Award. Congratulations are also in order for the 2013 Rookie of the Year, Ethan Heitzman, the Vince Kus Honorary Intellectual of the Year, Max Russo, and Cevapcici Consumption Award winner, Scott Berger. Each recipient demonstrated exceptional displays of the Tenets of Turkey Run. I invite you to relive the great memories of TR 2013 HERE.

5.17.13 :: TR Multimedia On-the-Go! Fire & Ice Special Edition Now Available through Digital Download!


Looking to hype up your upcoming TR experience on the go?! We've long offered digital downloads of your favorite soundtracks and Serb Fest music collections. We have two exciting and emotional video trailers available to stream online. Now, I'm proud to announce the release of 2004's "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" through digital download!

Download and import into iTunes to carry this classic TR footage with you on your mobile devices! Its great for the ride down to TR or your flight into Chicago! Hell, its great for the kids! In the future we hope to bring you additional bonus footage from the Special Edition release!

Download the video file [right click, save as] HERE
(be sure the file extension is saved as .m4v)

And of course, reconnect with the incredible music collections we have available for download - inspired by the Spirit of Turkey Run! Speaking from personal experience, these tunes set the stage for TR like nothing else!

5.12.13 :: Video Trailer for TR2013 is Released!

As we're now officially inside of two weeks to arguably one of the most pivotal years in Serb Fest history, I want to thank each and everyone of you for your continued enthusiasm and loyalty to this amazing tradition we're all so fortunate to be a part of. As you all know, we have captured a lot of video footage over the past decade including some very touching interviews with Jovan last year. While none of us knew what would be in store the following year, it makes his words that much more inspiring. Without further adieu, on behalf of Krangis, I present the following trailer for TR 2013.


5.01.13 :: Turn Back The Clock: A Look Back at TR 03- Ten Years Later


TR 2003 - Perhaps the most memorable year in recent history, largely due to its being captured on film and the focus of our beloved "Fire & Ice Extravaganza" documentary. But aside from so many quotes, songs, images and video clips being etched in our memories from the documentary, TR 03 was truly unique and important in a number of ways. The Serb Fest torch was officially passed to the second generation as no "adults" were in attendance for the first time. While the second generation had been gaining steam since Monica and Jovan first had the notion of bringing their own friends to TR a decade earlier, 2003 finally represented the year that this generation's commitment to upholding the tradition of Serb Fest was put to the test. Clearly, we succeeded!

Another 10 years later, in 2013, our commitment will once again be tested - and I have no doubt that our commitment is stronger than ever. Serb Fest's longevity will endure for decades more to come!
Take a look back and appreciate one of the more pivotal and unique years in Serb Fest history!

TR 03- Ten Years Later

4.21.13 :: BS Confirms Attendance for TR 2013!

I received unexpected confirmation moments ago from Rishi that two-time Cevapcici Consumption Award winner, Brian Kelley has in fact altered his international travel plans for the summer and will be able to attend after all! I know I'm excited for this news and I know I'm not alone! I'm already hearing that some are releived to hear that BS's very popular Korean Shortribs will once again be on the menu!

As always, keep me posted on any attendance news or new attendees that may be joining us!

4.21.13 :: Long-time Invitee Confirms Attendance for TR 2013!

I received confirmation yesterday afternoon that long-time invitee, Erich Mann along with his wife Lauren are in fact looking to make their Serb Fest debuts this May! Erich, known to many simply as, "Ich", has had somewhat of a standing invitation to attend for over a decade. He had confirmed attendance in 2009 but had to cancel the week of TR. All good things are worth the wait, so regardless of how many years its been, we're excited at the prospect of having Ich & Lauren join us this year!

4.19.13 :: Highly Anticipated Follow up to 2004's "Fire & Ice" Documentary Gains Traction

After years of anticipation, Krangis has finally begun the arduous task of compiling the incredible footage taken by a number of attendees since 2005. As many of you know, the project has been gaining steam over the last 2 years, culminating with last year's efforts to capture a number of phenomenal interviews with key Serb Fest attendees. While details of the upcoming release are not ready to be released, the goal of this follow-up documentary has always been to capture the rich history of Serb Fest and examining its influence on today's Serb Fest - and most importantly, to remind us all why we continue to come back to Turkey Run each year! All great things take an enormous amount of time and effort - so we're still anticipating a Spring 2014 release date. TR Online will keep you abreast of any developments, so stay tuned!

4.09.13 :: TR 2013 Schedule Announced

The full 2013 schedule has been posted to the 2013 preview page. While we've tried to not be overly structured with the schedule for the weekend in years past, I thought it might be appropriate to outline just a few key events and have everyone be aware of them upfront in hopes of not having to do too much wrangling or cause any undue stress for anyone leading up to these events. This year we will plan on the annual beater photo at 4:00 on Saturday. This will hopefully give the Saturday arrivals plenty of time to get settled in and give plenty of nap time through the mid afternoon. The photo will happen with or without you, so consider this your warning. People have been upset for missing it in the past, so if you'd like to be part of the traditional photo, please be around! Sunday at 6:30, we will attempt our large group photo. This has been very challenging to pull off in the past, but when we've been able to, the photos have been amazing! Again, we will have had a long day, but my hope is to catch most, if not all of the group during dinner. Following this photo, with what is expected to be the largest gathering of attendees at any point of the weekend, I will have some important announcements regarding the TR High Council as well as the presentation of the 2013 Golden Cevapcici Award!

Again to recap:

Saturday, May 25 - 4:00pm - Annual Beater Photo (at Grill Site)
Sunday, May 26 - 6:30pm - Serb Fest Group Photo (at Grill Site)
Sunday, May 26 - 7:00pm - TR High Council Announcement and Golden Cevapcici Award Ceremony

3.10.13 :: New Additions to the Serb Fest Family!

Congratulations are in order for Nutz and Amy, who welcomed their son, Ethan Douglas Heitzman to the world on March 9! We're also thrilled to announce that on March 1, Dave and Bry also welcomed a son, Louis John David. We're all excited for the little ones to make their TR debut this year as the 3rd generation continues to grow at an incredible rate!

2.16.13 :: TR2013 to be a Pivotal and Exciting Year!

Happy February everyone! It's that time of year again, as we all start looking forward to the warmth of Spring and the sizzle of cevapcici on the grill! I have to admit, that while February traditionally kicks off the TR season, I've been thinking long and hard about TR 2013 since October. The thought of TR this year brings such a range of emotions, but knowing that so many people are going out of their way to attend in such an important and pivotal year brings me great pride. I'm proud of what our generation has built and what we're contributing each year to the legend of Serb Fest. 2013 will mark the year that we will be without the true founding father of our generation at Turkey Run. Despite this, our group and this great tradition has never been stronger. I look forward, as have for the past 12 years as co-founding member for our generation, to continuing the hype for Serb Fest each year! We have a number of great things in store for everyone at TR this year, not only to honor John, but to honor each and every attendee! As always, please keep me abreast of your travel plans and any additional guests that may be joining us this year! Please let me know if you have any questions or ideas for how to make TR 2013 the best Serb Fest yet!

10.02.12 :: TR Online Celebrates the Life and Spirit of John Zelenkovich: A Message From Scott Berger

John Zelenkovich



I struggle to find the right words to pay tribute to such an incredible friend. The truth is, anyone reading this already knows in their hearts what it is I'm so desperately trying to say. John inspired me in so many ways... and while our friendship was so much more than TR, it seemed to weave its way into the majority of our conversations. I fed off of his passion for our annual Memorial Day gathering and in turn, he fed off of mine. It was an endless cycle of hype and excitement that may have come across as slightly insane and ridiculous to outsiders, but was a source of so much genuine happiness for him and I.

"I'm not gonna lie, I check the TR website several times a day in hopes that it gets updated. I think that's just as much a part of the TR tradition as anything else for me!" - John Zelenkovich via text message to Scott Berger on 5/31/2012

This is why I'm compelled to cope with this loss by updating our beloved TR website... For nearly 10 years, I've spent time documenting the countless memories we create each year at TR and have peiced together decades of rich history that came before us. In return, we have something tangible here that we'll all have for the rest of our lives. Still, such a motivating factor in my spending so much time maintaining this website, was the joy and laughter John and I shared after each update. I am lucky to be a part of the Serb Fest family. Even as all of our friendships were young, some 15 years ago, we all knew almost immediately, that this tradition was something special. While I always envisioned growing old along side John at Turkey Run, I now know that instead, we will all be celebrating his memory and unparalleled spirit for Turkey Run and all that Serb Fest stands for.

I'm thankful for this gift that John has given so many of us - We are all part of an amazing family and we will always have TR as an "excuse" to know that at least once a year, we'll all come together, no matter where life takes us. This is the vision that John had for TR nearly 10 years ago - that TR would continue to be "a constant in all our lives". He knew that "each year, all of his best friends would be at Turkey Run".

I could go on forever... but let me close with this..... Jovy, we'll miss you, but your spirit will live with each of us forever. It will transcend generations and continue to inspire us and future generations to keep this beloved tradition alive. Until we meet again, enjoy a drink and a sizzling cevap off the big grill in the sky... and send our best to Cika Bora... Ziveli!

5.30.12 :: TR2012 Attendees Battle Heat and Keep Spirits High

TR 2012 will be remembered for several reasons, but arguably, the most memorable aspect of the weekend was the record temperatures as the mercury climbed to the mid to upper 90's each day. The group however was resilient and with several relocations throughout the weekend, managed to stay in shade and stay relatively comfortable - especially impressive given the number of young children in attendance this year! Of course, good times were once again had by all! Check out the TR 2012 Overview page to relive the memories!



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